The Room in the Wood. Taking aim with a can of Red Stripe

It must be something to do with the water, or maybe the economic malaise that has plagued the city since its boom times last century, but Liverpool seems to have always been a hotbed of great musical talent. The Room in the Wood are no exception.

Even As We Speak. We Feel More Like An English Band from Australia

Even As We Speak were a mainstay of the UK Indie scene in the early nineties. Originally from Sydney they based themselves in Hove and spent their time zooming up and down the motorways to gigs and releasing what are now highly sought after records on the iconic Sarah Records label.

The Bolshoi. The debt we owe to Beggars Banquet is more money than you could ever think about

I posted my first interview with The Bolshoi, from back in 1985 when the band had just started. As promised here is the follow up from two years later, with the added bonus of an unreleased cracking demo of one my favourite tracks of the time, TV Man. As you will see, quite a few things had changed and the pressure from their record label was beginning to tell.

Daisy Hill Puppy Farm. Vale Jóhann Jóhannsson

Iceland was a hotbed of both geological disturbance and alternative music in the 1980's. Seeing as I loved both I would pop over to see a bit of volcanic action, get hold of all the latest local releases at the Gramm record shop, and catch a gig at the Hotel Borg in Reykjavik.

My Baby's Arm: A Spitfire Quartet (or never do an interview in the back of a London Cab while consuming a bands rider)

I had been in London trying to catch up with three bands that I had planned interviews with. Unbelievably all fell through.

Not so Cheap. TV Smith and the best band you never saw

Possibly the hardest working man in Punk, TV Smith has been an integral part of the British music scene for over forty years. His assault on the charts began with The Advertsthe early punk innovators, who upended the charts with Gary Gilmores Eyes, before morphing into TV Smith’s Explorers with the sublimely wonderful Tomahawk Cruise, before, well, basically disappearing into a black hole for a number of years before re-emerging as a solo performer, being the subject of a BBC documentary, and gigging almost non-stop across Europe.

Courtney Barnett. Gumboots and Glastonbury

“It’s all been a bit of a blur, there have been constant new experiences every day.”

Melbourne based songwriter, record label owner and hobby gardener, Courtney Barnett is reflecting on how her life has changed in the last year. From recording her first ep with friend Brent DeBoer from the Dandy Warhols (another resident of Melbourne) to playing Glastonbury, life has not been boring.